2022 Season

Recaps by Steve Martin, FIRST® Senior Mentor Maine

Pine Tree District Event, Week 2

The Maine teams had a very good weekend at Pine Tree, March 11-13, 2022.  
Congratulations to 6153 for winning Chairman’s Award. Seven other teams won awards.

All 15 Maine teams participated in the Playoffs with two Maine teams on the winning Alliance and one Maine team on the finalist Alliance. 
Congratulations to 4564 and 8023 being on the winning Alliance along with the captain 5813.  
Congratulations to all the Maine teams for your performance. It was good to have all the teams back and competing. 
The GoFAR STEM Innovation Center Practice Field is open.

Results summary is below.

Pine Tree, Waterville
ME TeamsAwardsPlayoffs
58QualityRank 5th. Captain Alliance 4, Semi Finals
133Rank 2nd, Captain Alliance 2, Semi Finals
172Team SpiritRank 6th, Captain Alliance 5, Quarter Finals
2648Rank 17th, Picked 3rd for Alliance 5, Semi Finals match 1
3451Rank 13th,Captain Alliance 7, Quarter Finals
4041ImageryRank 8th, Picked 2nd for Alliance 5, Quarter Finals
4473Rank 26th, Picked 3rd for Alliance 7, Quarter Finals
4564Rank 9th, Picked 2nd for Alliance 3, Winner
4906Gracious ProfessionalismRank 16th, Picked 3rd for Alliance 8, Quarter Finals
5265Rank 23rd, Became backup robot for Aliance 4, Semi Final match 2
5687Innovation in ControlRank 11th, Picked 2nd for Alliance 4, Semi Finals
6153Chairman’sRank 14th, Captain Alliance 8, Quarter Finals
6161Rank 22nd, Picked 3rd for Alliance 6, Quarter Finals
6329EntrepreneurshipRank 1st, Captain Alliance 1, Finalist
8023Rank 24th, Picked 3rd for Alliance 3, Winner

Greater Boston Event, Week 4

5687Innovation in ControlRanked 2nd, Captain Alliance 2,  Finalist

Pease ANG Event, Week 5

All teams except 4041 at Pease Week 5 (3rd event for 5687)
4041 at WPI Week 6

Congratulations to the 14 Maine teams that competed at the Pease ANG event.  The Maine teams all did very well.  There were 6 Maine teams ranked in the top 8.  Nine Maine teams were in the playoffs and four Maine teams were in the Finals.  Two Maine teams were on the winning Alliance.  Awards were won by 6 Maine teams.
Congratulations to all the teams.

Summary of results

Pease ANG , Portsmouth
ME TeamsAwardsPlayoffs
58Rank 8th, Captain Alliance 5, Semi Finals
133AutonomousRank 2nd, Picked 1st for Allance 1, Winner
172ImageryRank 5th, Captain Alliance 3, Quarter Finals
2648Rank 13th, Picked 2nd for Alliance 1, Winner
3451CreativityRank 20th, Picked 2nd Alliance 8, Quarter Finals
4473Rank 17th
4564QualityRank 3, Captain Alliance 2, Finalist
4906Rank 21, Picked 2nd for Alliance 7, Quarter Finals
5265Rank 38
5687Rank 6th, Picked 1st for Alliance 3, Quarter Finals
6153Engineering InspirationRank 18th
6161Rank 24th
6329Excellence in EngineeringRank 4th, Picked 1st for Alliance 4, Finalist
8023Rank 32nd

WPI Event, Week 6

Team 4041 will be at this event.